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SCCAP Elections

Elections are closed.

SCCAP Candidate statements are included at the bottom of this page.  In April, APA will email election ballots directly to 2021 APA and non-APA SCCAP members.

Candidates are sought for four positions on the SCCAP Board of Directors-President-Elect, Secretary, Council Representative, and Member at Large-Membership and Public Interest.

 SCCAP is seeking nominations for four board positions.  Candidates must have a strong commitment to the SCCAP mission and have the available time to successfully accomplish the tasks defined for the specific position. 

  • All positions assume responsibility on January 1, 2022.  
  • Each term runs for three years (2022-2024). In addition to the responsibilities listed below each board member is expected to participate in monthly conference calls and attend two Board of Directors meetings per year.
  • Each board member should identify best practices for implementing evidence-based and culturally informed practices to support mental health professionals that work with children and adolescents as it relates to their board position.
  • All candidates must be a member of the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (Division 53). Some positions require membership in APA, see specific position descriptions.
  • Self-nominations are accepted. 
  • E-mail  your vita, headshot, and personal statement of approximately 250 words about your background and interest in the position and SCCAP to
  • Deadline for nomination submissions is to SCCAP by December 15, 2020 

 Personal statements and headshots of the official slate will be posted to the elections page.


Direct questions to Lynn Canty, Director of Operations,


SCCAP encourages and welcomes applicants with diverse backgrounds with respect to age, color, creed, disability, gender, geography, nationality, race, religion, and sexual orientation.


  1. President-Elect (2022):

The President-Elect has a term of three (3) years sequentially serving as President-Elect(2022), President(2023) and Past President(2024). The President-Elect must be a member of both SCCAP and APA.

Major Responsibilities

  1. The President-Elect shall serve as an active member of the BOD and attend all meetings.
  2. Work with the Program Chair and Associate Chair to develop the APA program for the following year (President-Elect’s Presidential year).
  3. Before January of the Presidential year: appoint a Student Representative to serve during the Presidential year.
  4. Make plans for the Mid-Winter Meeting during your presidential year (date, location, who invited, agenda)
  5. Meet with the President and Director of Operations during the APA annual meeting to review duties and timelines for the presidential year.
  6. Work with the President and Board to create a slate of potential appointments for chairs of all open committee chairs, liaisons, and task force positions.
  7. Read Annual reports, minutes, Operations Manual , bylaws and other historical documents.
  8. Prepare for APA Meeting in Presidential Year. Planning for the presidential-year APA Convention begins immediately after the current year’s convention. The President Elect works closely with the Program Committee Chair and Associate Chair to develop the Division’s program.
  9. Prepare for Mid-Winter Meeting (MWM–for the Board of Directors)
  10. Select optional Presidential Initiative or focus for the year.
  11. Serve on the Finance Committee. (See Finance Committee section)
  12. Complete online APA Division Leadership Training.
  13. Participate in general duties of the Board of Directors
  14. Serve on Committees and complete tasks as assigned by the President.
  1. Member-at-Large, Membership and Public Interest  ( term 2022-2024):

The overarching responsibilities are increasing society membership and members’ connectedness to the society; and communicating to the membership information related to social policy. The focus of this MAL is to create programs and incentives that retain members, recruit new members, and transition students to full members.

General Responsibilities

  1. Attend all SCCAP Meetings
  2. Be responsive to the current needs of SCCAP, as well as to current social and political climates, in order to provide information, support, and education as situations arise.
  3. Serve, at the request of the President, as liaisons to other organizations. Members-at-Large also are to be available to assist the other board positions with special projects.  Members-at-Large will oversee the operation of SCCAP’s task forces. These assignments will be made by the President, based on the relevance of the task force for specific committees.
  4. Each Member at Large is responsible for reviewing material from APA directorates most closely affiliated with his or her primary committee assignment and sharing that information with the board and membership.
  5. MAL will make sure lines of communication are open between what the membership wants as a member benefit as well as between the MAL Committee, the journals and social media.

Major Responsibilities

  1. Oversee the renewal announcements for current members.
  2. Supervise and develop plans to recruit and maintain Early Career Professionals.
  3. Work closely with the Committee for Early Career Psychologist liaison.
  4. Supervise the university liaison program that communicates membership benefits through department chairs, training directors, and student liaisons.
  5. Supervise the liaison to Division 37 to ensure SCCAP support of policy issues.
  6. Supervise and recruit the Special Interest Groups.

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Chair or appoint a chair to the Membership Committee, appoint members, and report activities back to the board.
  2. Develop recruitment strategies to increase the number of members.
  3. Provide one webinar per year.
  4. Continually update the board on the membership statistics.
  5. Work with the Central Office to approve copy for member-related documents, membership brochures, stock advertisements, banners, etc.
  6. Work with the Treasurer to establish dues rates.
  7. Provide articles for the newsletter.
  8. Provide a Social Media liaison to the Communications Chair.
  9. Complete both a mid-year and annual report.
  10. Provide suite programming at the APA Conference.
  11. Serve as a liaison to the APA Committee on Membership.
  12. Work with the Central Office to distribute promotional and recruitment materials.
  13. Develop plans to transition student members into full-members.
  14. Develop strategies to advertise the division to academic institutions and work with the Student Development Committee to recruit student members.
  15. Working with Division 37, forward Public Interest articles from APA to the Listserv and post on social media.
  16. Manage the committee budget.
  1. Secretary (term 2022-2024):

The Secretary must be a member of both SCCAP and APA. They are elected for a three-year term.

General Responsibilities:

  1. Attend, record, distribute and electronically store minutes for all SCCAP meetings.
  2. Lead Co-Chair the Child Mental Health in Action Committee
  3. Serve as a Signatory on Checking Account
  4. Serve on committees as appointed by the SCCAP president
  1. Representatives to APA Council ( term 2022-2024)

Representatives to APA Council must be a Member of SCCAP and members of APA. They are elected for three (3) year terms. The Representative to APA Council shall perform those duties required of Representatives to APA Council as specified in the Bylaws of APA. They shall be responsible for advising the Board of Directors about significant matters of business scheduled to come before APA Council. They shall also be responsible for informing the Board of Directors of significant actions taken by APA Council.  APA Council Representatives will sit on committees as appointed by the SCCAP president.

Major Responsibilities

  1. Attend two APA Council meetings annually (during February in Washington DC, and at the summer APA convention). Serve as the Society’s voting representatives at the Council meetings, where the official business of APA is conducted. Represent the interests of SCCAP to the Council, as needed, and disseminate APA policy and decisions to the board and general membership.
  2. The most senior Council Rep. serves on the Child Mental Health in Action funding committee.
  3. The junior Council Rep. serves on the Nominations and Elections Committee
  4. Keep the SCCAP membership and Board informed about the APA issues related to the mission of the society.
  5. Advertise in the fall to recruit members to assign their apportionment ballots to SCCAP.
  6. Following the Council meetings, the representatives report to the Board of Directors regarding APA Council activities that relate to SCCAP.  Council report information will also be shared with the Newsletter Editor and on social media.