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Benefits of Membership

Membership in SCCAP confers many benefits, including journal and newsletter subscriptions, a website and two listservs, student benefits, and a forum for clinicians, researchers, educators, and students to participate in ongoing debate and collectively influence important issues facing our field.

Member Discounts

SCCAP membership pays for itself!  Members receive discounted registration at Miami International Child and Adolescent Mental Health conference and the National Conference in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology.  Taylor and Francis also offers discounts on their publications to SCCAP members. SCCAP Webinar rates are reduced for members.

Our Website

The SCCAP website is a great place to get the latest news for members. Our Web Editor will be posting articles, news, and announcements relevant to our membership. The website is a valuable tool for keeping up with SCCAP activities and important issues in the field. We hope you will visit the site regularly to stay current with late-breaking SCCAP news and to address your questions about SCCAP.

Full Access to Journals and Newsletters

Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

The Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, edited by Andres De Los Reyes, Ph.D., is a leading child psychopathology and treatment journal. The journal publishes original contributions on development and evaluation of assessment and intervention techniques; clinical child and adolescent and cross-cultural and sociodemographic issues; as well as training and professional practice in clinical child and adolescent psychology and child advocacy.

In addition to the hard copy you receive, electronic journal access is provided through this website. Your membership entitles you to all issues of the Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology during the calendar year in which your membership becomes effective.

SCCAP follows the same membership year dates and billing cycle as the APA.  Thus, membership applications received through the end of July will be for the current year.  Members who join after the division’s central office sends mailing data to our publisher can expect that back issues will be shipped under separate cover.  Applications received after August 1 will be applied to the following calendar year and your first journal may not be received until March

Evidence-based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Evidence-based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (EPCAMH), edited by Anne Marie Albano, Ph.D., ABPP, is an official clinical journal of the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. The primary mission of the journal is dissemination of evidence-based practices to the wide range of mental health practitioners, and to increase knowledge about the expertise, scope, diversity, and practice of clinical child and adolescent psychologists. The journal welcomes clinical case studies and discussion papers, mini practice “manuals,” position and review papers, research papers that can provide a direct message for practitioners, and manuscripts focused on ethical issues, assessment and innovative therapeutics, issues in training and professional practice, history of the broad field, and opinion. Members receive hard copies of the journal as well as access through our website.

Our Newsletter: InBalance

InBalance, edited by Jennifer Hughes, Ph.D., M.P.H., is published three times a year and offers topical features, news of interest, and important policy-related information. Recent issues have focused on board certification, multidimensional family therapy, and evidence-based treatments.

Our Listservs

A members-only Listserv provides a access to SCCAP announcements and news. Students may join the members-only Listserv as well as a student-only Listserv. Membership in all listservs is optional.

Visit Division 53 Listserv

Continuing Education

We offer continuing education credits through our Professional Development Webinar Series. In addition, credits can be obtained at the APA annual convention, SCCAP co-sponsors the National Conference on Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology and the Miami Conference on Evidence-based Practices. SCCAP is also working to develop on-line CE opportunities.

Grants and Awards

SCCAP invests in its members by offering award and grant opportunities in research and practice.

Additional Benefits for Students

SCCAP is dedicated to encouraging student participation and strives to maintain sensitivity to the needs of people pursuing training in the field. Students are represented on the SCCAP Board of Directors and run the Student Advisory Committee. The SAC sponsors conference programming, coordinates the Mentorship Programs and many student award programs. and SCCAP sponsors sessions on finding and securing internships in clinical child psychology at the APA annual convention. Students have their own Student Listserv and may also participate in the other division listservs. To increase access and promote professional development for students, membership in SCCAP is free for students and Post-Docs.

Convention Activities

SCCAP sponsors several APA Convention activities, including symposia, workshops, poster sessions, and a social hour that allow members to network, learn, exchange information, and stay abreast of current clinical and research topics in our field.

Advocacy for Children’s Mental Health

Perhaps most importantly, our strength and size offers a crucial opportunity for advocacy. Thanks to our members, SCCAP is able to work towards the improvement of children’s mental health care services at local and national levels and offer advocacy to support mental health careers and training. Because the size of our Division is directly related to our representation on APA’s Council of Representatives, our continued growth has allowed us to obtain seats on APA task forces and committees, and to participate in ongoing discussions regarding clinical child specialization and accreditation.

Questions about Division Operations? Click Here to view our Bylaws.


Join our network of thousands of psychologists and students through our online, members-only community! This exclusive forum allows for participating in scientific and professional discussions, organizing messages by topics, and reviewing past messages. It is a more permanent, organized, and interactive version of the SCCAP Listserv.

Task Forces and Special Interest Groups

Help us by joining the efforts to advance the issues around children and adolescent mental health

Career Center

Connect with hundreds of with hundreds of employers and training sites to find the best jobs, internships and post-doctoral positions through our Career Center. The database is specific to positions related to children and adolescents and is easily searchable by location and job type.


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