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2020 Elections for 2021 SCCAP Board of Directors

The slate of officers for the 2021 SCCAP Board of Directors was given the opportunity to provide a personal statement about why they want to run for a particular board position.  The intent of posting their responses is to give the SCCAP membership the opportunity to make an informed decision prior to casting their ballot.
Around April 1, ballots will be emailed by APA to all voting SCCAP members.
The APA Elections Website contains additional information on each candidate.


SCCAP encourages and welcomes applicants with diverse backgrounds with respect to age, color, creed, disability, gender, geography, nationality, race, religion, and sexual orientation.

APA Elections

Candidate Statement to SCCAP—Anna Lau, PhD President-Elect

Anna Lau is Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a licensed Clinical Psychologist.  Her research spans across the areas of racial/ethnic disparities in children’s mental health services, cultural variation in risk and protective factors for child psychopathology, and the community implementation of evidence-based practices for ethnic minority youth and families. Together with her colleagues and community partners, Dr. Lau has been undertaking a study to identify factors that promote the sustained implementation of evidence-based practices for diverse youth and families in community mental health clinics in Los Angeles County.  In addition, Dr. Lau’s work on risk and protective factors for youth in immigrant families and disparities in school-based mental health services, is informing efforts to implement preventive interventions for adolescents at risk of depression, anxiety, and suicide.  Dr. Lau’s research has been supported by the National Institute of Mental Health and the Spencer Foundation.  She is also involved in the supervision and training of doctoral students in the use of evidence-based intervention and assessment for youth. She also teaches graduate and undergraduate courses related to Asian American Mental Health and the Psychology of Diversity. Dr. Lau is dedicated to principles of inclusive excellence in higher education, and serves as the Vice-Chair for Graduate Studies in the Department of Psychology, and in campus leadership positions concerning undergraduate admissions at UCLA and the University of California system.


I’m honored to be considered as a candidate for the position of President of the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (SCCAP).  Consistent with the mission of SCCAP, my career aspiration is to integrate lessons from clinical science and community practice to improve equity in access, engagement, and quality in systems of care that reach underserved youth. If elected, my goal would be to work with the Executive Board and the SCCAP membership, to promote initiatives that: (1) identify child mental health disparities and quality gaps that can be addressed by existing evidence-based interventions and service delivery strategies, (2) support research-community partnerships that foster knowledge exchange to increase the fit, reach, and impact of evidence-based practices, and (3) fortify efforts to train the next generation of psychologists prepared to address the mental health needs of diverse children, youth and families. I’ve been truly inspired by the previous work of SCCAP on these fronts and I would be grateful for the opportunity to contribute.


Candidate Statement to SCCAP—Tara Peris, Ph.D.  for Member-at-Large for Education and Standards


Tara Peris, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior.  Her research centers on the developmental psychopathology of child and adolescent anxiety and related disorders, with a particular focus on mechanisms of action underlying treatment response.  She is the recipient of research support from NIMH, NARSAD, and several private foundations. She is also the recipient of the 2016 SCCAP Abidin Early Career Award and Grant.  In addition to her research pursuits, Dr. Peris has an active teaching role in her department as an instructor and advisor in both its externship and internship training programs and as the Program Director of the ABC Children’s Partial Hospitalization Program. She has served SCCAP in the past as its Program Chair for the 2016 APA annual convention and as the Associate Editor for its newsletter. Dr. Peris is the current SCCAP member-at-Large for Education and Standards and member of the editorial board for both of its journals.

Candidate Statement

My commitment to advancing education in clinical child and adolescent psychology-- and to establishing training standards that reflect the best practices of our field-- is reflected in several ongoing professional activities. I am currently the Associate Director for externship training in our division’s child anxiety program as well as a member of the Institute’s internship training committee. Both of these activities allow me to play a central role in developing our training curriculum, evaluating the needs of students at different stages of career development, and assisting the transition to postdoctoral study. As Program Director of a partial hospitalization program for children, I oversee training for a core rotation in our predoctoral internship program, with an emphasis on applying evidence-based practices in a real-world hospital setting. Finally, as a member of the Psychiatry Department Adversity Advisory Committee, I contribute to ongoing efforts to more meaningfully address issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our training program curriculum. My close proximity to students at different stages of development keeps me keenly aware of their training needs and diverse professional goals.

I would be honored to continue my service as SCCAP’s Member-at-Large for Education and Standards.   If re-elected to this position, I hope to continue to advance several exciting initiatives already underway at SCCAP including its involvement in the Clinical Child and Pediatric Psychology Training Council (CCaPPTC), its student research award program, its Bob Smith Assessment Award (with free CE for members), and the successful webinar program launched in my first term.  In addition, I would look forward to continuing my service on the Council of Specialties to maintain the standing of clinical child psychology as a specialty discipline.

Candidate Statement to SCCAP—Joaquín Borrego, Jr., Ph.D.  MAL Diversity

I am submitting my materials for consideration for Member-at-Large for Diversity for SCCAP’s Board of Directors. The following is my personal statement:

I am excited about the possibility of serving as SCCAP’s Member-at-Large for Diversity. If elected as Member-At-Large, I will continue to build on the strong foundation of education and training opportunities and initiatives related to diversity for SCCAP members. As our communities continue to grow increasingly diverse, it is imperative that SCCAP remain at the forefront of providing the most current and relevant evidence-based information that influences policy, training, and practice. This can range from education and training recommendations in child and adolescent psychology to the provision of behavioral health services for diverse children, youth, and families.

I have worked on diversity-related programming and initiatives in other professional societies and training councils in and outside APA. I am passionate about working with underserved and culturally diverse populations while addressing diversity, inclusion, and equity. In addition to continuing to bring attention to diverse groups, I also plan to increase awareness of social conditions (e.g., poverty, racism, transphobia) that contribute to the inequities faced by diverse youth and families. This can be accomplished through collaborative programming and initiatives that focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity. This position would also serve as a great opportunity to collaborate with SCCAP members to identify resources that would be useful and relevant for continuing education for psychologists and education and training for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. If elected, one of my initial tasks will be to identify the next Diversity Committee. The Diversity Committee will include individuals who are passionate about diversity with a strong commitment to science.

I look forward to hearing from SCCAP.

Candidate Statement to SCCAP—Arturo Corrales, Psy.D. MAL Diversity

As an active member of the Division 53 Diversity Committee since 2017, I am thrilled to be considered for the Member-at-Large/Diversity position. As a professional that identifies with various cultural groups; the multifaceted issues surrounding cultural diversity have always been important to me. Being of service to marginalized communities has always been a common thread throughout my professional development, which began with the type of graduate programs I applied to; continued with the training opportunities I selected as a graduate student; remained throughout the types of committees I have participated in and has remained present in the professional roles I have held. The opportunity to chair the Diversity Committee, and engage as part of the Division 53 board of directors, would continue to fuel this passion.

Some of my involvement while on the Diversity Committee included helping plan the inaugural LEAD Institute, serving on various review committees that selected scholarship and award recipients, as well as helped coordinate professional development workshops. Because giving back to the communities I am part of is important to me, I highly value the endeavors of the Division 53 Diversity Committee and would be proud to help continue the legacy of diversity inclusion through promoting a scientific understanding of multicultural psychology; educating and training diverse individuals; and by promoting psychological science/practice for the advancement of a diverse society.

Additionally, because I have been successful in past leadership positions in professional and social settings; I believe myself to be adequately prepared for this next challenge. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Candidate Statement to SCCAP—Omar G. Gudino, PhD, ABPP MAL Diversity

Omar Gudiño, Ph.D., ABPP is an associate professor in the Clinical Child Psychology Program at the University of Kansas and a board-certified clinical child and adolescent psychologist. He earned his Ph.D. from UCLA and completed his internship and post-doctoral training at the NYU Child Study Center/Bellevue Hospital Center. Currently, he is a member of SCCAP’s Education and Standards Committee. Gudiño’s research aims to generate knowledge that can eliminate racial/ethnic disparities in children’s mental health and inform the delivery of evidence-based services for diverse youth and families. He serves as associate editor for the Journal of Latinx Psychology and on the editorial boards of Evidence-Based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and American Psychologist. He has served on the American Board of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology since 2015, including roles as Secretary, Exam Coordinator, and representative on the ABPP Board of Trustees Diversity Committee.

Candidate Statement

I am honored to be considered for the position of Member-at-Large for Diversity. I am deeply committed to SCCAP’s mission of serving children, adolescents, and families with the best possible clinical care based on psychological science. I am particularly passionate about ensuring that advances in clinical child and adolescent psychology are informed by, and address, the needs of diverse youth, families, and communities. This commitment cuts across my research, teaching, clinical practice, professional service, and community engagement.

SCCAP is at the forefront of research, practice, and policy relevant to evidence-based practice for youth and families. As a board member, I commit to supporting SCCAP’s current diversity initiatives and ensuring that attention to diversity and equity underscores board activities. I am also interested in leading the diversity committee in developing innovative ways to (1) support members in delivering evidence-based practice to diverse populations and (2) create opportunities to recognize, support, and empower members at all career stages who champion diversity (broadly defined) within our profession. Experience as a member of an APA workgroup on children’s racial/ethnic mental health disparities; President of Division 12, Section VI (Clinical Psychology of Ethnic Minorities); providing training and consulting on diversity issues; and my program of research focused on racial/ethnic disparities in children’s mental health have allowed me to develop the skills needed to be effective in this position. It would be an honor to serve as SCCAP Member-at-Large for Diversity and to work with the Board of Directors in the service of children and families, SCCAP members, and the profession.