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APA Listserv

SCCAP maintains professional and student e-mail Listservs as an opportunity to benefit from professional and scientific announcements from this community.

Last modified on December 13th, 2023 at 9:47 pm

This listserv provides a forum for a discussion and sharing of knowledge relevant to clinical child and adolescent psychology. The list is open to all members of SCCAP. The topics of discussion are determined by the listserv members and all are welcome and encouraged to participate. Intellectual contributions offered by each member are vital to an ongoing discussion that is educational, practical, and beneficial to its members.

The use of inclusive language on the listservs is strongly encouraged. Guidelines for use of inclusive language can be found here:  APA Inclusive Language and Microsoft Bias-free Communication.

Who Can Subscribe to the Listservs?

Subscriptions are restricted to SCCAP members and Student Affiliates. Click on the Join button at the top of the browser for information on how to become a member.

How do I subscribe to the Listservs?

Upon joining, members will be automatically added to the professional listserv. Student members will be added to the Student Listserv at the end of the month they join.

How do I post to a Listserv?

Please review tips and reminders listed below about general postings and postings of research requests. Members not abiding by the APA listserv rules will be removed.

To post information as a member of the professional or student listservs, please follow the guidelines for the respective lists:

The content is locked to SCCAP Members Only

Login To Unlock and Access Content.

How do I unsubscribe from the Listserv?

Click on the specific link for the appropriate listserv, Unsubscribe from DIV 53  and/or Unsubscribe from SCCAP-Students.  Send an email without adding anything to the Subject Line from the email account you want unsubscribed.

How can I change the format of my Listserv messages?

There are four ways to receive your Listserv messages.

Make sure you send this email from the email address that is receiving Listserv messages and do not add anything to the Subject line.

Send Email to Change
With a “regular” subscription, you receive individual postings immediately as they are processed by LISTSERV.
Digest (Traditional) OR Digest (HTML format)
With a “digest” subscription, you receive larger messages (called “digests”) at regular intervals, usually once per day or once per week. These “digests” are collections of individual list postings. Some lists are so active that they produce several digests per day.Digests are a good compromise between reading everything as it is posted and feeling like the list is clogging your mailbox with a multitude of individual postings.There are three digest formats: a “traditional”, text-only format; and an HTML format, which requires an HTML mail clients.
Digest (Traditional)

Digest (HTML)

Index (Traditional) OR Index (HTML format)
With an “index” subscription, you receive short “index” messages at regular intervals, usually once per day or once per week. These “indexes” show you what is being discussed on the list, without including the text of the individual postings. For each posting, the date, the author’s name and address, the subject of the message, and the number of lines is listed. You can then download messages of interest from the server (the index contains instructions on how to do that).An index subscription is ideal if you have a slow connection and only read a few hand-picked messages. The indexes are very short and you do not have to worry about long download times. The drawback of course is that you need to reconnect to retrieve messages of interest from the server.You can choose to have the index sent to you in either a traditional format (plain text) or in HTML format with hyperlinks
Index (Traditional)

Index (HTML)

How do I change my email?

  1. Visit the Listserv Management Website.
    1. Click Log In.
    2. If you have not registered on this site before, select Get a New Listserv password. You may want to try your old email address first.
    3. Click on Subscriptions
    4. Select the Listrserv you would like to change your email for. For example DIV53.
    5. Click on the sandwich icon (three horizontal lines) to the far right.
    6. Click on Subscribe or Unsubscribe
    7. Change your email address.
    8. Click Update to save your change.

Not Receiving Attachments?

You may be subscribed to receive Digest (Traditional) messages. Please follow the instructions in the How to Change the format of my ListServ messages to Digest (HTML).

Not Receiving Listserv Messages?

If you’re not receiving Listserv messages, try some of the troubleshooting tricks below:

  1. Through your email server, whitelist and/or
  2. Verify that the messages are not landing in your Junk or All Mail folders
  3. Are you checking the email address that you registered with your membership? Log on to to review your account.
  4. Add your own email address to your contact list to prevent your security software from identifying a message sent from yourself as spam.
  5. Not receiving copies of your own posts? Check your APA settings here:

If you are having trouble with joining the student listserv, please send an email to:

In the body of the email, include your name and the email address you are subscribing with.

Not authorized to post to the Listserv?

  1. You may be emailing from another email address that was previously registered.
    1. Try emailing from another email address
    2. Visit the Listserv Management Website and change your email.
      1. Click Log In from the top right.
      2. If you have not registered on this site before, select Get a New Listserv password. You may want to try your old email address first.
      3. Once your password is confirmed, Log In and then click Subscriber’s Corner on the top left toolbar.
      4. Select [Settings] next to DIV53 or SCCAP-Students.
      5. Change your email and select Update.
  2. You may not be a current member of Please try Login to confirm that you are actively a member.

Are listserv messages archived? What is the frequency of delivery?

To review the archives of posted messages, please follow these directions.

  1. Visit the Listserv Management Website
    1. Click Log In from the top right.
    2. If you have not registered on this site before, select Get a New Listserv password. You may want to try any old email addresses that were registered first.
    3. Once your password is confirmed, Log In and then click Subscriber’s Corner on the top left toolbar.
    4. Click DIV53 or SCCAP-Students in My List
    5. Additional Settings can be changed by clicking on [Settings]

New SCCAP members are initially subscribed as NODIGEST. If you wish to receive all messages each evening as one email (i.e., eliminating the NODIGEST function) you may send a message to and type: SET DIV53 DIGEST in the body of the message (do not type anything in the subject line of the message).

A list of other commands/options can be obtained by sending a message to with the words INFO REFCARD in the body of the message (do not type anything in the subject line of the message).

Any questions about, or suggested updates to these listservs should be sent to

Listserv Tips and Reminders:

  1. Read the information sent to you from APA about the listserv functionality. There are settings for how you may receive the listserv messages.
  2. For non-discussion questions you can offer to have people send back-channel information. If practical, state in your initial request that you will provide a summary of the information provided in your request.
  3. Use a detailed subject line to make searches easier later on.
  4. Listserv discussions are for public discussion and are NOT private. Assume anything you post will be read and open for public comment.
  5. Use of the listserv for private gain, to solicit research subjects, to promote a political candidate is forbidden.


  1. The list may not be used as a forum for illegal purposes, including but not limited to defamation, violation of intellectual property laws, violation of antitrust or unfair competition laws or violation of criminal laws.
  2. Do not post messages containing information that is defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal.
  3. Do not intentionally interfere with or disrupt other forum members, network services, or network equipment. This includes distribution of unsolicited advertisement or chain letters, propagation of computer worms and viruses, circulation of calendar invitations, and use of the network to make unauthorized entry to any other machine accessible via the Forum.
  4. The list may not be used for electioneering (e.g., campaigning, solicitation of support), promotion of political actions (e.g., boycotts, letters suggesting legislation), fundraising activities, actions advancing personal or another’s professional gain, advertising professional services, or for any other personal or monetary profit/gain or other commercial purposes. Posting of positive messages in support of SCCAP or APA candidates is allowed as it is considered the internal business of the organization.  Do not post messages for which the primary purpose is to advance the business or financial interests of any person or entity, or otherwise to promote a financial transaction for the benefit of the author directly or indirectly. Examples of prohibited communications include advertisements for products or services, notices regarding rental of office space, direct solicitations of listserv members to purchase products or services, and postings that include links to unapproved sites such as political or commercial sites. Examples of messages that may be of financial benefit to listserv members but are not prohibited because they do not inure to the financial benefit of the author include news of job listings or position openings, or discussion of professionally-related products or services where the listserv member conveying the information is not in the business of selling the products or services. Announcements that provide useful professional information to List members but may also have some incidental commercial benefit to the sender (e.g. an author who is a listserv member merely advising the List of publication of a professional book) typically would not be “commercial” for purposes of this restriction.
  5. Maintain client confidentiality when discussing any clinical issues.
  6. In an effort to protect members’ privacy and to avoid the scientific flaws associated with accessing research participation via listserv distribution lists, SCCAP will not release division members’ email addresses for purposes of research solicitation or sampling. Readers are referred to the policy on the solicitation of research participation posted by the American Psychological Associations of Graduate Students which identifies the following: a.) Research that samples via e-mail list postings relies on flawed and indefensible methodology. Research that must discuss and defend its sample, the population, response rates and representativeness or generalizability of the data would be hampered in these pursuits by using mailing lists. b.) E-mail lists (Division and other APA discussion lists) make no claim to be exhaustive collections of members who may fit into one or more specific category (e.g., clinical psychologists, practitioners, educators, and so on). In fact some 45% of APA members do NOT belong to any one Division. By using a Division as the “universe” for one’s respondents, researchers are excluding a large number of eligible participants and hence may be introducing bias into their research. c.) Many members belong to more than one Division, and if the research is being sent to more than one Division, the researcher faces the problem of defining response rate given duplication.  d.) APA members and others belong to Divisions and topical e-mail lists for a number of reasons, some of these may not reflect the fact that the member works in the area covered by the Division or list in any more than a tangential sense – raising questions about the suitability of the sample to the research. SCCAP does not wish to condone this flawed methodology by allowing these requests to be posted. These weaknesses in sampling can cast serious doubt on the defensibility and worth of research that was conducted using e-mail lists. Cases in which Division electronic mail lists would be a good choice as a source for respondents include projects that are looking at how the Division (or APA offices) serves the members, or why members may have joined, among other Division specific questions.

In these cases, researchers are welcome to recruit through our listserv as outlined below.

When submitting a request for research participation please include the following paragraph listing your specific information: “The current study is being conducted by (person requesting involvement) under the guidance of (Advisor, Supervisor, or Mentor’s name) who can be contacted at (address, phone number and email address). This study is approved by the (name of approving institution) IRB and has been assigned the following IRB number (please enter the assigned number).”Please note that this policy applies to research studies that are asking SCCAP listserv members to serve as research participants. Distribution of other research announcements, such as opportunities for members to refer their clients to clinical trials, is permitted.
  7. Use caution when posting questions of an ethical nature to the listserv. Never should the posted message contain information that would identify either a client or a practitioner. Ethics questions should be posed as broad general discussions of ethical principles. The listserv should NOT be used as consultative services for imminent concerns related to active cases.  SCCAP values maintaining confidentiality of the client/practitioner relationship, as well as minimizing legal exposure for practitioners involved in active cases as it relates to the use of the listserv. There is no expectation of privacy with listserv posts. If you require immediate assistance with an active case, please consider the following options: discuss with your supervisor; seek private peer consultation; contact your insurance carrier; or contact the APA Ethics Office:

Removal from the List
The SCCAP Listserv Administrator, acting on behalf of SCCAP, reserves the right to recommend warning or removing members from the list who violate its Usage Guidelines.

Suspension from listserv:  The Listserv Manager, Director of Operations, and Communications Chair will vote on the removal of a member from the listserv for violation of the listserv rules. Appeals may be made in writing to the SCCAP Officers (president, president elect, past president, secretary, and treasurer).  The Officer’s decision is final.

Reinstatement to the listserv: A member may request to be reinstated to the listserv after a four month period. The Listserv Manager, Director of Operations, and Communications Chair will vote on the reinstatement. If reinstatement is not granted a member will have to wait until the next membership year to be reinstated.