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SCCAP Statement Condemning Racial Injustice and Calling to Action

Dear SCCAP member,

In this time of recognition and outrage over the pandemic of racism and police violence in our country, the Society for Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (SCCAP) adds its voice to those deploring the shameful legacy of such actions. We condemn the most recent instances of racial injustice in our nation, including the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. Because SCCAP’s mission is to encourage science and evidence-based practice while remaining “… fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion,” we (a) assert that psychological science must offer alternatives to instances of police abuse and (b) re-affirm our commitment to support a healthy future for children and adolescents through the following: empowering parents and schools to provide optimal, anti-racist socialization practices; assessing the full range of traumatic experiences (including police brutality) in clinical evaluations; and renewing our commitment to providing optimal clinical and preventive services, research, teaching and mentoring, and policy-related work for children and families, especially those from under-represented and diverse communities. The time is now to understand the full impact of discrimination and racism on child development and well-being and to foster work in the service of change.


SCCAP has an active Diversity Committee and Diversity Member-at-Large, with increased funding for Diversity Awards and the creation of the Leadership Education to Advance Diversity Institue (LEAD).  We plan on greater public outreach on related issues via our webinar series. We urge members to become involved and consider applying for Child Mental Health in Action funds regarding these themes (see SCCAP website for details).



Steve Hinshaw

SCCAP 2020, President