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Child Mental Health in Action Funding

Call for Funding Applications through the SCCAP Child Mental Health in Action Program

Guidelines and Instructions to Applicants

2021 Proposal Applications open Sept 1, 2020.  Deadline is November 1, 2020, 11:59 PM Eastern Time

2021 Proposal Off-Cycle Applications accepted January 1, 2021-Nov 1, 2021

The purpose of SCCAP is to support the development and advancement of clinical child and adolescent psychology through integration of its scientific and professional aspects. SCCAP promotes scientific inquiry, training, professional practice, and public policy in clinical child and adolescent psychology as a means of improving the welfare and mental health of children, youth, and families in the context of a diverse society. In the service of these goals, SCCAP promotes the general objectives of the American Psychological Association.

SCCAP invites applications that are well-aligned with its mission. Funds are intended for programs that advance this mission.  Additionally, we particularly encourage applications that include specific plans to support diversity and equity.

The target funding allotment for each program is between $1,000-$5,000 with requests larger than $5,000 requiring strong additional justification.

SCCAP encourages and welcomes applicants with diverse backgrounds with respect to age, color, creed, disability, gender, geography, nationality, race, religion, and sexual orientation.


  1. Applicants are encouraged to be creative with their proposals. Examples of potential projects include but not limited to activities such as hosting a regional conference, developing and disseminating professional training opportunities, APA CODAPAR initiatives, and efforts to improve community outreach.
  2. Non-profit organizations, and programs from the public or private sector that are not intended for personal gain or profit are eligible for funding.
  3. Students’ research proposals and doctoral dissertations are not eligible for consideration. We encourage students to seek student-focused funding from SCCAP. In general, programs and projects that advance the mission of SCCAP will be prioritized over research projects
  4. It is expected that proposed projects be completed within the funded period. However, projects with longer timelines may be considered on an individual basis.
  5. Applications for the 2021 cycle must include a clear description of how you will successfully carry out your project in 2021 if physical distancing and/or stay-at-home orders remain in effect. Applications will be evaluated for feasibility under pandemic circumstances.
  6.  Funding requests for CODAPAR or any initiative with another division or group should be proposed through the Child Mental Health in Action program. The processes and evaluation criteria for both on- and off-cycle requests apply. SCCAP’s Commitment to the CODAPAR proposal is voided if APA does not award the CODAPAR grant. If the proposing group would like to continue with the project, they may reapply through CHMA.
  7. Travel expenses will be considered on an individual basis, but must be strongly justified relative to the aims of the proposal.
  8. Requests for the purposes of lobbying will not be considered.
  9. Indirect, and Facilities and Administrative (F & A) costs for the project will not be covered by CMHA funds.
  10. Current SCCAP Board Members are not individually eligible.
  11. Priority will be given to applications that have not been previously submitted. Previously supported projects by SCCAP must include strong justification for continued funding, including incremental contributions of the application and related innovations.
  12. SCCAP membership is required for the principal applicant on the application.
  13. The organization/group funded agrees to acknowledge SCCAP funding in marketing and related materials. SCCAP will work with the group to identify appropriate strategies.
  14. If awarded a grant, failure to submit the Program Accountability form at the completion of the project will result in the principal applicant and his/her project being ineligible for funding in the next year’s cycle. This form describes the outcomes of your project.

Award Evaluation Criteria:

Applications and funding decisions will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Alignment with the mission of SCCAP
  2. Impact of the project, particularly in regard to vulnerable populations and/or diverse groups
  3. Potential for innovation
  4. Personnel, key activities, proposed timeline, and feasibility (including under pandemic-related restrictions)
  5. Budget (e.g., efficiency of resources, evidence of other funding resources) and likely return on investment

Selection Process:

  1. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
  2. Proposals will be evaluated as follows:
    1. All applications will be evaluated by at least three members of the CMHA Funding Review Committee;
    2. The strongest applications will be presented to the SCCAP Board of Directors at the December meeting for further discussion and evaluation;
    3. If needed, the Review Committee will follow up with the applicant to request additional information, clarification, and/or materials to facilitate review of applications;
    4. Award announcements for the standard award cycle due Nov. 1, will be made after the SCCAP Mid-Winter Board Meeting, which typically occurs in January or February of the following year.  Off-Cycle Award announcements are made within 6 weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Canty, SCCAP Director of Operations at