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SCCAP Professional Development Series – 2019

SCCAP offers several vehicles for staying up to date on evidence-based practice and other issues relevant to child and adolescent mental health. Our webinar series focuses on topical issues and is enhanced by member forums that extend networking and educational opportunities after the webinar is over. contains links to keynote speeches and treatment training videos developed in partnership with the FIU Center for Children and Families. Personalized learning is also available by participating in SCCAP’s Mentor programs.

SCCAP takes an interdisciplinary approach to sponsoring CE programs as a way to more broadly advocate for children’s mental health and to provide members with a variety of network of experiences. APA CE Program listings:
SCCAP co-sponsors the MICAMH and NCCCAP Conferences that provide child and adolescent focused programing.

JCCAP Future Directions Forum
We launched the Future Directions Forum to help early career scientists build their scientific toolbox. At the Forum (June 28th-29th; Washington, DC), we dedicate a full day to offering professional development workshops, as well as small group and one-on-one expert consultations on all aspects of academic work. We webcast many of these events online so that those who cannot attend in-person can have access to this content from wherever they are.

Sept 4 Noon ET: A Storm of Innovations: Using the Web to Work Together and Bring the Best Psychology Information to the People Who Would Benefit
Eric Youngstrom, PhD

Sept 19 12:30 ET: The Impact of 13 Reasons Why on Suicide Behavior in Young People: What We Know So Far John Ackerman, PhD, Megan Chesin, PhD, Kurt D. Michael, PhD

October 9 Noon ET; Like Setting a Home on Fire: The Effects of Separating Families at the Border Jack P. Shonkoff, M.D.

Nov 12 1:00pm; R. Bob Smith III Excellence in Assessment Award Webinar; Improving Mental Health Services with Multicultural Assessment of Child, Youth & Parent Psychopathology Thomas Achenbach, PhD

Dec 5 Noon ET: “But will this therapy Help me?”: Applying Research Findings to Individual Patients Oliver Lindhiem, PhD


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