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List of resources for Hurricane and Flood

Dear Colleagues,

A group of students has been working with the Society for Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology listserv to build a list of tips and suggestions for getting ready for the storm, staying safe during it, and regrouping after it.

We have pulled the list together, organized, added links, and created a page on Wikiversity (thank you, @LizzieWilson! And @EmmaChoplin!):


The page includes infographics (one example attached)(thank you, @HannahKim!), and we will keep adding to them.


Next Actions:

  • Please Share the Information! Please send the TinyUrl ( over Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. and forward to other listservs. The infographics also can go directly through social media, too.
  • Keep sending suggestions and additions. Three ways to do that now:

o   Make edits and suggestions on the Wikiversity page. Pros: Wiki is designed for editing and tracking, and it will be where the TinyUrl and infographics take people. Cons: It’s clunkier than GoogleDocs to edit, and won’t work as well with 2-12 people editing at the same time (which is what was happening yesterday)

o   Make comments on the GoogleDoc: We can harvest suggestions from here and move over to Wikiversity. It’s not as secure or visible as Wiki, but it is more convenient for people doing the editing.

o   Email the suggestions to This is a shared account among club officers, and some of the officers have evacuated to other states where they are less likely to have internet and electricity loss, so they’ll be able to keep working on updates, along with alumni who have moved to other states.


Much gratitude for all the energy and ideas! (I have learned about a lot of apps, have a much upgraded set on my phone now, too).


Here’s wishing everyone a safe next several days,


-Eric Youngstrom, PhD