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InBalance, Volume 34, Issue 2, Summer 2018, COR Report Supplement

The APA Council of Representatives update, written by Council representatives Mary Fristad and Timothy Cavell, is included in the summer 2018 issue of InBalance. In their review of the Council’s vote to move forward with generating accreditation procedures for psychology Master’s programs in health psychology, Drs. Fristad and Cavell provide helpful webpages that provide data about the psychology workforce and education pipeline. Due to space limitations, the links to these pages could not be included in the issue, so we are providing them here as they help provide context for the Council’s decision. As a reminder, the current and past issues of InBalance are available to SCCAP members at

Degrees in psychology

Four dashboards display an overview of degrees awarded in psychology, there are separate dashboards for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in psychology. By default, the separate dashboards show data for all years. Filters can show a single year or range of years. The master’s and doctorate degree dashboards can be filtered by health service psychology or research subfields.

Workforce demographics

This tool shows trends in gender, age, race/ethnicity, disability status, and select combinations of these characteristics. The workforce demographics tool can show individual years 2000-2016.

Degree pathways in psychology

This data tool contains one dashboard showing pathways from bachelor’s degrees in psychology and another dashboard showing pathways to doctorates in psychology. Portions of the pathways to doctorates overlap with our October 2017 Datapoint.

October 2017 Datapoint:

Salaries in psychology

This tool accompanies our December 2017 Datapoint and shows median salaries by position type, sector, and geographic region. Filters can show salaries by career stage.

December 2017 Datapoint:

Careers in psychology

This data tool displays an occupation word cloud and employment characteristics by level of highest degree in psychology.