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EPCAMH Call for Papers: Special Issue on Summer Treatment Programs

EPCAMH Call for Papers: Special Issue on Summer Treatment Programs

Evidence-based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (EPCAMH) is now accepting papers for a special issue focused on innovative adaptations of the Summer Treatment Program (STP), guest edited by Daniel Waschbusch, PhD. Andrea Chronis-Tuscano, PhD, and Gregory Fabiano, PhD.

Submissions are due January 1, 2024.

The STP is a well-known evidence-based treatment that was originally developed as an ecologically valid psychosocial intervention for elementary school age children with ADHD and it continues to primarily target this population. At the same time, recent clinical and research efforts have modified the STP to address a host of child and adolescent areas in need of new and/or intensive treatment approaches. With child and adolescent mental health concerns on the rise and representing a significant cost to our global society, applying the STP model to address other mental health areas, developmental stages, and a broader range of communities is both important and promising.

This special issue seeks to highlight innovative modifications of the STP that enhance the research, training, and treatment relevant to youth mental health, including efforts that broaden the dissemination and implementation of the STP. This includes expanding populations served by the STP, expanding capacity of the STP within existing sites, supporting new sites in developing STPs, increasing the diversity of youth served by STPs, and considering STPs as a vehicle for training the next generation of child and adolescent mental health providers. Papers may focus on a range of issues relevant to dissemination of the STP including, but not limited to:

  • Adaptations of the STP
  • Testing the efficacy of adapted STPs
  • Emerging or promising practices, services, and interventions that promote equity among the population served by the STP
  • Enhanced intervention and supervision practices to support using the STP with more diverse populations
  • Implementation strategies for increasing access to the STP in real-world settings
  • Strategies for training or building workforce capacity for STP delivery in real-world settings
  • Approaches that highlight family and youth voice in STP adaptations
  • Analyses of STP-related data with clinical applications

We welcome papers utilizing diverse forms of methodology including, but not limited to, case studies, program evaluation, quality improvement projects, cohort studies, well-conducted randomized controlled trials, qualitative and mixed method investigations, and systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Authors should remember that EPCAMH is a practice-oriented journal and submissions should be of clinical utility to practicing clinicians. Given the journal’s focus, papers should address the evidence that supports clinical recommendations. Additionally, authors are encouraged to consider and identify how program models could be adapted and implemented in settings beyond those in which the study was conducted.

For questions, please email Dr. Dan Waschbusch at