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Call for Papers: Trainee Perspectives on Supervision Processes

Call for Papers: Trainee Perspectives on Supervision Processes

Submission Deadline: August 15, 2018


Purpose and Goals

Training and Education in Professional Psychology, the official journal of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC), seeks brief manuscripts authored by psychology trainees about their experiences as supervisees during pre-practicum, practicum, internship, and/or post-doctoral supervision. We are interested in diverse perspectives and therefore plan for this issue to be composed of many brief articles that reflect a wide range of supervision processes and trainee experiences.


Standards for Manuscripts

Each manuscript should detail 2–3 supervisor actions that, as a trainee, you found had a discernible impact (positive or negative) on your professional development.


We are asking that each of the actions highlighted contain three components (not necessarily in this order):

  • 2–3 paraphrased, de-identified illustrative exchanges between the supervisor and trainee
  • citation of scholarship that supports or discounts the supervisor’s action
  • the impact of that action on the trainee’s professional development

Each of these components should be only a few paragraphs in length. All manuscripts should conclude by highlighting what can be learned by others (supervisors and trainees alike) from these experiences. Suggestions for future research are also welcome within the conclusions.


Manuscripts should be prepared consistent with appropriate ethical guidelines. As such, we ask authors to include a statement in their cover letter indicating compliance with de-identification or disguise of supervision and/or case materials. All manuscripts should be prepared for blind review and consist of 10–15 pages, all inclusive. Multiple authored manuscripts are welcome, but all authors must be psychology trainees.


Please read the Instructions for Authors for more information on manuscript preparation requirements for this journal.


Please note in your cover letter that you are submitting for consideration of publication in the special issue on Trainee Perspectives on Supervision Processes.


Submission Details

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically by August 15, 2018 through the Manuscript Submission Portal. For questions and consultations, please contact the Associate Editor, Jennifer Callahan or Guest Student Co-Editor, Patrick Love, for this special section.

Please note that the Co-Editors for this special section will compose an introductory commentary that integrates accepted articles into an overarching conceptual structure that seeks to inform best practices and stimulate needed research.