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Science Committee

The mission of SCCAP’s Science Committee is to provide the membership of SCCAP with timely information about discoveries, opportunities and advances in child and adolescent clinical science, to encourage and support both non-practitioner membership within SCCAP and training opportunities for scientist members, and to help shape funding opportunities and social policy in a manner consistent with the advancement of child and adolescent clinical science.

Priorities for the newly defined Science Committee:

  • To better engage and meet the needs of scientist members of SCCAP
  • To promote and highlight the accomplishments of scientist members
  • To increase representation of scientist members in SCCAP
  • To consider how best to represent and support the interests of scientist members in SCCAP
  • Recommend special task forces and SIG as needed

To support this larger mission through anticipated tasks, sub-committees were identified:

  • Andres Viana and Jill Ehrenreich-May will support the presence of science issues on the SCCAP list-serv and in social media, including, but not limited to, dissemination of funding announcements, updates about scientific matters relevant to the membership, and encouragement of collaborative research activity among the membership
  • Amy Krain Roy will support the committee and the Board in the development and promotion of SCCAP webinars of interest to non-practitioner members
  • Daniel Bagner will work with the committee to develop and help oversee any new awards to the SCCAP membership with a focus on those supporting scientific endeavors
  • Andrea Young and Eli Leibowitz will be our representatives to existent SCCAP conferences and will consider the development of other training opportunities that support child and adolescent clinical science
  • Paula Fite will aid in informing legislators and policymakers about child and adolescent clinical science. She will also potentially act as a liaison between our committee and such policymakers, understanding that such efforts cannot be construed as lobbying

Committee Chair
Jill Ehrenreich-May

Committee Members:
Dan Bagner

Paula Fite

Eli Lebowitz

Vanesa Ringle

Amy Krain Roy

Andres Viana

Andrea Young Ryan