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The Clinical Child and Adolescent Practice Special Interest Group

Description of proposed activities:

Clinical assessment and interventions for children and adolescents is a highly specialized area of practice. Skilled clinicians must be able to consider multiple factors when treating children and adolescents to include developmental stages, parent-child dynamics and socio-cultural considerations. Staying current with research in this field can be difficult for clinicians in private and hospital-based practices. These clinicians generally spend the majority of their time in face-to-face practice, documenting treatment and collaborating with parents, teachers and other healthcare workers on behalf of their clients.  This leaves little time for consultation and staying abreast of the research in the field of child and adolescent treatment. Collaboration between scientists and clinicians must therefore be intentional.

To this end, the Clinical Child and Adolescent Practice SIG of the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Society (SCCAP) will create a community focused on issues relevant to those in primarily practice-oriented settings. The primary goal of the Clinical Child and Adolescent Practice SIG is to create a venue for networking and consultation among psychologists who engage in primarily clinical practice. Clinicians and applied clinical researchers in this specialized field of psychology are in a position to create a mutually enriching special interest group. This model will include the following:

  1. Quarterly case conferences with local and national clinicians who specialize in treating children and adolescents.
  2. Helping clinicians stay current on evidenced-based practices for treating children and adolescents through networking.
  3. Promoting awareness and advocacy for the mental health treatment of children and adolescents within the local community
  4. Supporting the Practice Committee in the development of tools and practice related professional development programs

For More information email Jill Thurber.

To be added to the CCAP listserv contact Elizabeth Elder  (you must be a SCCAP and CCAP SIG member to join the listserv)

Founding members:      

Jill R. Thurber, Ph.D.  Chair

Elizabeth Elder, LMSW  Secretary/Listserv Manager

Anne Esquivel, Ph.D.

Madeleine Reichert, DMH

Jay Vargas-Zachary, LCSW

Rebecca Sterling, Ph.D.

Joshua Essery, Psy.D. ABPP

William Guy, Ph.D.

Rowland Folensbee, Ph.D.

Dawn Hedgepeth, LCSW,CDWF-C

Cynthia Diaz deLeon, Ph.D.

Kathy Glash-Sawyer, Ph.D.

Membership in SCCAP is required to participate in the SIG

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