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TRIP Database

Trip is a clinical search engine designed to allow users to quickly and easily find and use high-quality research evidence to support their practice and/or care.

What is Trip?

The Trip Database is a leading tool for finding evidence based content to support clinical practice.  Designed to be as easy to use as Google but with evidence-based results!

Trip started in 1997 as a tool to support health professionals to easily find the best evidence to support their work.  This same ethos is still right at the heart of everything Trip does and helps explain why it is so widely used and, to date, has been searched well over 125 million times from around the world.

There are many great features of Trip, including:

  • Unrivaled content categorized by evidence type (e.g., systematic reviews, clinical guidelines, controlled trials).
  • Ease of use means there are no steep learning curves: Just use it as you would Google.
  • There are lots of additional features to make finding evidence easy. For example, you can restrict your results to just systematic reviews with a single click.
  • Trip also includes an extensive list of medical images and videos – helpful for teaching and research as well as educating clients.
  • A great suite of advanced tools for ‘power’ users.

The Trip Database YouTube channel features short clips of some of key features.

But, probably the best way to understand the power of Trip is to use it today. As a benefit of SCCAP membership, logged in users can access the Pro version of the database (the best version of Trip)!