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Supervision of CogAT testing

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    I have been approached by a parent requesting that I “supervise” a child as s/he completes a CogAT online so that the test results (i.e., score and percentile rank) may then be submitted to American Mensa as part of their application to join. No IQ testing or other assessment is being requested at this time. A report is not being requested either, just a letter indicating that I supervised the testing along with the score and percentile rank.

    I contacted American Mensa directly and they confirmed this information. I also contacted the publisher to obtain a manual and purchase the testing materials myself, but was told that such materials are only available to school district personnel, not private practice clinicians. I am wondering if I will need to access a manual in order to obtain a percentile rank.

    It sounds like a simple request, but given that I do not have experience administering this test, I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions or things to consider before proceeding. Another concern is related to a re-test effect because it was reported that this would be the second time the child will have taken the exam within the past year. The reason for the re-take is that American Mensa did not accept the first score because it was not taken under supervision of a psychologist.

    Any help/thoughts are greatly appreciated!


    Thank you,

    Karina Samaniego Estrada, PhD


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