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Q from webinar: Checking overkill!

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    How would you advise parents of adolescents to work with their constant checking of their children’s accounts on social media, and, at the same time, respect privacy of their children?

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    Doesn’t this situation provide the perfect opportunity for increasing parent-teen communication! Grist for that therapeutic mill…I would encourage parents to enter conversations with their teens. Not a lecture, but a series of (Socratic) questions– what concerns do teens have about using social media? Do they have friends who have been adversely affected? Does anything posted make them uncomfortable? What have they experienced in terms of e-bullying? And so on. My expectation is that teens can “outrun” most parents in terms of finding new platforms, creating “fake” platforms they have their parents monitor, etc.

    That being said, parents are not powerless in terms of expectations. This topic begs for the freedom/responsibility discussion — the more responsibility the teen exhibits, the more freedom they will be granted. Parents can clarify homework rules, bedtime guidelines, etc. Wifi can be shut off if fundamental expectations are not met.

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