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Internship and long-term career implications

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    Leigh Spivey

    “How much does where I serve my internship impact future job potential/hirability?”


    “How to think/plan for internship if going into academic career?”

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    The goal of internship is to provide you with training and experiences that are hopefully consistent with the setting/population/type of job you hope to pursue. However, given that most states require another year of supervised experience for licensure, you can further specialize and target your training during postdoc to help with future job opportunities. It is never one thing that determines hirability – it is more how you discuss those experiences and how they prepare you for the job you are applying for.

    Some students who plan for an academic career prefer an internship that has protected time for research. However, I have interns who did a full clinical internship who were also successful at getting an academic faculty position after completing a more research focused postdoctoral fellowship.

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    Rhonda Sena

    I think that that the most important factor is that your internship contributes to your career interests and goals.

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