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Anxiety as etiologic factor in gender dysphoria

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    Given the higher incidence of anxiety in female AYAs (and the possibly accelerating negative effects of social media), do you see in this a partial explanation for the inversion of the historic sex ratio in gender dysphoria (higher in natal males than females) which is now disproportionately natal females.

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    I haven’t seen any literature to that effect, but that would likely require a more careful review of the gender dysphoria literature.

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    Aitken, M., Steensma, T. D., Blanchard, R., VanderLaan, D. P., Wood, H., Fuentes, A., . . . Zucker, K. J. (2015). Evidence for an altered sex ratio in clinic-referred adolescents with gender dysphoria. J Sex Med, 12(3), 756-763. doi:10.1111/jsm.12817

    Littman, L. (2018). Rapid-onset gender dysphoria in adolescents and young adults: A study of parental reports. PLoS ONE, 13(8), e0202330. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0202330

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    Thanks for your citations– in regard to your question about we might increase anxiety by promoting avoidance of things that provoke anxiety, I am not suggesting to avoid social media, I am suggesting to use it in moderation and not to significantly decrease other healthy  behaviors, such as sports/exercise, religious activities, and other face-to-face interactions in the service of many hours/day on social media.

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