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Child Mental Health in Action (CMHA) Funding Opportunity

SCCAP Members,

The SCCAP Board of Directors acknowledges that its mission will be significantly advanced through the sponsorship of programs and projects proposed by its membership and has therefore established Child Mental Health in Action (CMHA) as a new funding opportunity.  All accepted applications must demonstrate a clear and measurable commitment to advance the mission of SCCAP.

The target funding allotment for each program is between $1,000-$5,000 with requests larger than $5,000 requiring strong additional justification.  Given that these are SCCAP membership funds, a member of SCCAP must be included on the applicant’s leadership team.

Failure to submit the Funding Accountability form will disqualify the principal applicant and proposal from the next funding cycle.

Child Mental Health in Action funds are not to be used for research activities for which there are other SCCAP funding mechanisms (e.g., the Routh award). In general, programs and projects that advance the mission of SCCAP will be prioritized over research projects.

Information about the CMHA Funding Process will be housed on the Awards tab of the website.   Annual announcements will be posted on the listserv, and other SCCAP social media. The Call for Programs will be sent out on September 1 of the year preceding the funding of applications. Applications will be due to SCCAP November 1. Announcements as to the recipients will be made after the SCCAP Mid-Winter Meeting which typically occurs in January or February.

Prior to the Child Mental Health in Action Funding Process announcement in a given year, the Board may opt to prioritize applications around a central “theme;” this could be aligned with the Presidential Initiative, but this is not required.  The 2020 funding cycle has no theme.

CMHA funding allocations are primarily intended for one-time use (within the proposed time period) rather than sustained support across time. Applications seeking ongoing support will be considered, but the justification for continued support must be well-developed. Previous funding does not guarantee future funding.

To maximize the visibility and reach of these funded projects, SCCAP Board-sponsored programs and programs from external entities will be given equal consideration during their evaluation.

For additional information and to view the CMHA funding application visit the Awards tab website.

Remember the deadline for the 2020 funding cycle is November 1, 2019

It is our hope that the new CMHA funding process will diversify the support that SCCAP can give to member involved efforts to support the mental health of children, adolescents and families.


Best Wishes